$5,000 - 3 Day Launch Contest

1st Place - $3000

2nd Place - $1000

3rd Place - $700

4th Place - $200

5th Place - $100


Reciprocal Mailing? Yes! We Want To Mail Your Offer..

My partner & I have been in the CPA game for a very long time and we've always wanted to do affiliate cross-promos but never got around to it but we can now. Besides doing MASSIVE media buys, we're connected with some of the biggest underground mailers in industry - These together both send us insane amounts of traffic on a daily basis in which we collect over 3500 subscribers a day. Yes, thats right! Checkout this screenshot of one of our autoresponders below...

Let's just cut to the chase.. Our lists are HUGE!!! And we can send a crazy amount of clicks daily to any offer we promote so if you go all out for us, the TOP 10 will receive reciprocal mailings from us. We can send 100K clicks to your launch easy. See for yourself below - 15K clicks in one day! And the day was far from over with...


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